Starburst Slot Game

Starburst is a coin operated game that consists of five reels and ten pay lines. The game is very bright and visual, stimulating the player’s senses and ensuring there isn’t a boring moment while playing this game. The symbols that appear on the reels are jewels, giving a rich feel to go along with your pay-outs, giving you a sense of what it is you’re winning!

The player can experience big wins here, while playing this game, and still manage to maintain a good level of entertainment and fun. Not only is there many ways a win can be made, the player can control their wins, the value of their wins and exactly when it is that they stop the reels. Winning couldn’t be easier or more worth it.

How to Play:

Every pay line is activated by a coin being bet. You can only receive a pay-out on the lines that are activated. You can choose your wager per spin, with a minimum bet of 0.01 through to 1.00 per line. The maximum amount that you can bet per line is 10 coins, putting you entirely in control of how much you bet and what each spin is worth. To begin your turn, press the spin button and watch as the reels come to a stop to reveal which symbols you have! The highest pay-out in this game is 250 coins and is followed by the second pay-out of 200 coins per line. There is the chance to win on multiple lines, meaning that while these are the highest pay-outs, the player can very easily win more per spin and really rack up the value of their coins, which is displayed at the bottom of the screen so that the players can keep track of it and see the worth of continuing to play!

During the game, the symbols have the ability to stack which adds even more chances of the player winning. The stacked symbols can help the player achieve even more winning combinations in the game and means that the chances of winning are amplified quickly. The reels can stack on all five reels and are not subjected to only certain reels.

Where to play

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Skill Stop Feature

During any spin, the player has the ability to stop the reels and test their luck to see if they can get the symbols that they need, and their skill at managing to see the symbols that they need and being able to press in time. If the player thinks that they’ve managed to see the symbols that they need, or the ones that they want in order to access a bonus round, they can press the spin button again and this brings them to a stop. This can be used at any point during the spin before the reels stop. This is a helpful features to players if they are trying to make a certain pattern or combination, or aiming to get one of the game’s features enabled through the special symbols. While this option is available for all players, it does not have to be used and the player can choose to let the computer be entirely control in when the reels stop. It is an optional feature to make the game more interesting for players that like compete control.

Wild Symbol

A starburst symbol in this game is a Wild symbol, it’s a very vivid symbol that catches the player’s attention instantly and lets them know that something big is happening to add to the excitement. In Starburst, a wild symbol is designed to act as a substitute for other symbols on the reels to help the player make a winning combination and get a pay-out, and can count in more than one winning combination. It can substitute many symbols in one go without having to appear more than once. This symbol can only appear on reels two, three and four and once it has landed it will expand downwards across the reels to complete as many combinations as it can. This is known as a wild expanding symbol. Once the player receives the expanded wild symbol, this will activate the respin feature for the player to give them more chances of winning again. Only one pay-out per line is achievable, and the highest value pay-out will be the one that you receive. It’s possible to win across multiple bet lines, however, and all wins will be added to your total.

Respin Feature

Within Starburst, if you land between one and three wild symbols across reels two, three and four, you’re automatically entitled to a free respin. This will not cost the player any additional credits and gives them chance to win another pay-out, making it an even sweeter victory as no coin was cost to the player, and no wager had to be placed. When these symbols appear, they will spread across the entire reel and then hold their position, sticking where they are where all other reels respin again to really boost the player’s chances. While this respin is in progress, all settings are disabled and the player will not be able to make any chances to their bets or to which pay lines are enabled, this means that all wins will be valued at the same rate as the spin that won you the respin and will be calculated automatically for the players by the computer. If another wild symbol appears, the player can claim another free respin. A maximum of three respins can be won per round. Once you’ve used all your free spins you will then be returned to the main, original game and all settings are changeable again.

Any winnings that are made during the free respin features have the same value as the original spin that activated the round. All winnings at the end of this round will be added to the total winnings located at the bottom of the screen. The controls in order to change the bets and the pay line will be deactivated until the round has finished, and players will not be able to make any chances to their wagers at all.

To Win

You need to match a minimum of three symbols on a pay line in order for it to class as a win in Starburst. The more symbols that you manage to match, the more your winning will be worth. The value of the coins that you win depends entirely on what you initially bet per spin. This cannot be changed and will automatically be worked out by the computer at the end of your game. There is the chance for players to win many times in one spin, but there is only the possibility to win once per pay line.

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